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03.07.09 In big my bag this year... and approved for your summer!

This amazing debut album from Modeste,
will be out in september thru Sthlmaudio.
That's exactly what i love in ambient.

The new Bjork live cd/dvd is crazy as her.
All the wildness of that live session at your own place!

This one will be on my top 3 album this year for sure!
It's from the amazing Martyn and his label 3024.
The future, it's fresh, it's deep and it's for you.

Patrick Watson strikes back with this fantastic album.
Love is the message...
Still in love with "Build a Home" with Cinematic Orchestra.

One of the best electronic album ever.
Dj sprinkles will show you how make music with sense.

26.04.09 Headless Ghost - Backend EP - Sthlmaudio


Here my new EP under the nickname Headless Ghost.
I did the "Backend EP" in remember of the early days, when I started to play as dj.
When it was "House" with a big H and a true soul.
Hugz to the Ladyboy who was following me on this!
MPC 3000/SP1200 forever!




Headless Ghost - “Backend” EP [Sthlmaudio Recordings] + BUY THAT RECORDS

The latest record to drop on Agnès’s Sthlmaudio imprint see’s Ripperton don on a disguise as the Headless Ghost & go back to his roots of house music to give us a fine four tracker of deep grooves, luscious melodies & cool club cuts.

“Forever Deep” is laid back affair that comes straight in with a eerie, whistling chord section which plays throughout, a deep, male sampled vocal (forever deep), and a looped piano. It’s quite basic but does everything you want it to as it grooves along graciously. The sequencer used is very early house like thus giving the track a cool 90’s edge to it. Which in turn must have been what Ripperton was hoping for as the linear notes read that it was him expressing himself by going back to his roots of house music.

“Neverending Stories” sees the sequencer get used to its advantage (& yours). This is where Ripperton slowly builds the track in a hypnotic & repetitive pattern which will bury itself in your head and refuse to leave. When I’m listening to this I cant help but see a warm summer day with about 2000 ravers all moving along to this tune. Its a good, solid, dance -floor- burner which should see favour with the likes of Raresh& co this summer.I’m not 100% sure if it will suit the club, well perhaps the big room house set, but as for the intimate gig, mmm? I think its best left to the alfresco setup.

Leaving the warmer sounds behind now for a hot minute as Raphael goes all out & straight back into the deep end of the club with “The Journey” (tribute mix). This is easily the darkest cut on the EP & possibly my favorite. The first half of the piece is packed full of tight, fizzing percussion, deep ass drum sections, & slow building breakdowns which spin out of control and explode into a sea of powerful drums at any given moment. Halfway through the track takes a different direction where a sampled chord section comes in and brings you back down to earth, but not for long mind you. Just as quick as you stop and gasp for air those hypnotically charged drums come pounding back in & your back on the ride, till the end. Awesome!

Ripperton rounds the EP of with a handy house tool of “Forever Deep” which is basically a crafty tool that will allow you to use the sampled vocal to your pleasure. Once again Sthlmaudio are bringing the quality club sounds to the table & this latest one from Headless Ghost is most definitely one for the collection.


Review taked from RANDOM CIRCUITS (nice blog)

25.04.09 Obsessions shopping



The Deerhunter - Have a look on the 2 last wicked albums. Yes i said WICKED!!


24.04.09 Lhasa is back



She's one of my favourite singers. She's releasing her new album, watch out!

19.04.09 My "Go outside" gallery


18.04.09 Chaton's podcast



Download link

17.04.09 Blagger vs Dj Koze

I'm really proud of that release check it out!

16.04.09 Magic's October in interview and dj mix here!




22.02.09 Joshua Bell vs The world

I readed this amazing story in the Washinton post website,about how people are ignorant in music. How people doesn't recognize excellence from badest. Well it's all ine one, you'll understand why the music industry is over, and what is hype. Please have look :)

25.01.09 Balance 014 by Joris Voorn

Have a look on the Joris new compilation, who looks very promising!


And a little surprise inside...

01.02.09 Around the house

01.01.09 A new year, a new day

After my facebook suicide, a good friend of mine gave me that funny link:

and well, happy new year dear readers:)